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About Us

Welcome to Oj Bright Kitchens & Laundry Equipment .

Oj Bright is a firm that effectively guarantees you quality industrial kitchen machines for hotels, fastfoods chains, restaurants, food factories. We also have industrial drycleaning machines plus ancillary products which ideally serve drycleaning companies, hotels of all categories, boarding facilities, tertiary institutions, diplomatic organizations, government houses,etc.

Reknown for prompt delivery, installation, after sale service and high quality products range.

We are actively located in the heart of Lagos, Surulere.


What we do

Industrial Kitchen Equipment

  •   Baking equipment || Food Processing || Refrigeration
  •   Hotel kitchen || Supermarket || Fastfood || Catering Equipment

We do sales, installations, after-sale service. We also provide parts and fabrications for a well balanced equipment life.

Laundry/ Drycleaning Equipment

Some of our products include - the Form finisher, Unipress, Shirt press, Ironer, Tumbler dryer, High spin washer, Hydro extractor.

We give after sale service.

Quick Tips


Refrigeration cleaning

always unplug unit before cleaning condenser, drain lines, or evaporator


Door Gasket

Replace damaged DOOR GASKETS quickly to prevent over exertion of  condenser and compressor  damage


Drain Lines

Clean annually by trained professional who checks clog, debris, mold and generally disinfects inside of unit



Keep  condenser coil clean always - a regular monthly cleanup will free it from dirt & dust buildup

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